The lil tub of Joy : Vaseline

The Small wonder

The Small wonder

They say “best  things come in small packages ”  , How absolutely right !!!

Looking at this tiny cute tub of Vaseline ,I cudn’t agree more. This little one has been my handbag companion for more than 4 years now and has helped me on any bad hair /makeup/skin day .For a price of INR 5/-  only ( this particular one ) it is a must have, all in one handy product especially,  when one can’t afford Elizabeth Arden 8 hour beauty cream on daily basis ( My other favorite).

While most of us  know Vaseline as lubricant:petroleum jelly that helps us with dry skin and chapped lips ,here are some more benefits  that have been tried ,tested and mentioned by many others around  .

Lets start :

This particular one was mentioned at Tyra Bank show few years ago  : Rub a generous amount of Vaseline  on your chapped lips and dry brush your lips with a soft tooth brush.Wipe it afterwards with a soft cloth and puckerup to sexy  ,exfoliated and soft plump lips .

Want to convert your favorite shade of matte lipstick to little bit of  shine??? Dab a tiny bit of Vaseline on top after you  are done  with your matte lipstick  for  right amount of sheen on your lips.

Have a patch of dry skin on elbows,arms ,legs : a bit of Vaseline and they’ll disappear instantly.

How about a bit of Vaseline on your fingers around your nails  to smooth out  your cuticles and making your fingers look so fine .

Apply Vaseline on your hairline/face rim before applying Henna or color ,apparently they help in color not getting onto  your forehead.

I have used Vaseline as an emergency highlighter to highlight my cheek bones many a time for dewy effect  ;-).

This one I swear by ,there are days when I had no makeup remover and Vaseline doubled up as one and a really good one .

Vaseline can be used to tame unruly eyebrows too.

Don’t want to use Mascara but want your eyelashes to standout sharp,Dip a Mascara brush in Vaseline and dry brush them .Your lashes will look lovely without the black .

Want your shoes/Handbags to shine a little bit,rub Vaseline on them and they will glisten.

That’s all I have for now but if you have any more to add on ,feel free.

Remember petroleum jelly is  meant for  chapped lips/ skin  and only doubles up as emergency product for face when in need.For long term usage  you always have specific creams/ face lotions that do the only particular job they are supposed too .

Weekend is here and I look forward to put together some more posts for the blog. Coming soon is also a look book with the latest trends and street fashion .I Have been really busy with work and yet to get a fancy camera and someone to click me for the pics ;-//. For the rest  there’s always my luvvv phone to help me out .

Catch ya soon ,have a Glam weekend .

Green me with Envy !!!

Tiz already a month past 2013 and the fashion world is abuzz  with the latest  spring -summer collections brought out by designers. The trends for 2013 have been declared and the color  experts  at Pantone have deemed the 2013 color to sport as EMERALD GREEN .


A  color that  immediately brings to the mind a  picture of elegance and grace, is also  known apparently as shade of rejuvenation  .This is a shade of green I really love apart from the neon. Yes neon –lime green/yellow is one of my favs and I don’t feel bad about it .

Coming back to emerald green ,it is a shade  that is not the typical  leafy green but with a hint of bluish tinge and that gets its name from the gemstone Emerald .It is a shade that  suits all skin tones and makes one appear radiant because of it’s  positive tone .

I checked out my wardrobe and the only closer I got to the color was my ring ( the pic that I have posted zillion times ) and my dress that I wore to new year party in 2012 ( wow ,I wore the color even before the fashionistas , lol ).The lighting  does no justice to the color of the dress but trust me it is an  emerald green ;-).Well sadly the dress cannot be worn this year as the size is XS and madam me has now grown into a size medium ,shame !!! ( we shall discuss my weight issues in separate post 😉  but  having said that I will incorporate the color into my life this year .

My Emerald Ring .

My Emerald Ring

My green ruffle dress from New Look

My Emerald  green ruffle dress from New Look

Emerald green though a darker shade can still be paired with any other darker tone. It obviously looks best with white but can be color blocked with  a purple or an oxy blood or any other shade  to create a different style trend .We Indians love colors and emerald green is not new to our palette .A color considered as auspicious as red is  often seen at our  festives and weddings ,has been paired with  every other possible shade on our side of the world from red churidhars /green kurtis to the ombre green shades of sarees.

The Emerald green trend

The Emerald green trend

The shade does not have to be necessarily in our clothes but a hint of emerald green on  our nails  /bags /shoes/jewellery or belts would definitely pass the message that we too are in sync with the rest of of fashion world .On my wish list is a sexy emerald green handbag and a dress ,let me know about yours ??? Get some greens into your daily life too ,its healthy and helps you glam up from inside …..Ciao and stay glam !!!

Gimme a Ring !!!

Hey pretty women ,

Are you loving the  january winter that makes  your cheeks blush pink and the fresh icy wind that gets the happy feeling on !!!

I have been having quite a month  attending wedding parties and family events ,far more than I attended the entire last year .With all the continued parties in a row there is always an attempt to look your glam best each and everytime.You don’t want people to say that the one day you looked good was when Lady Luck was nice to you ;-).

Today’s blog is on how to glam up with accessories and with those I mean the Lovely  finger RINGS !!! From little girly days Rings have always been my favorite accessories.Not that I wore many ,I could barely manage bangles or chains but there was always something about the Rings.Pretty things on your fingers and suddenly your hand is the sexiest part of your body ( yeah yeah I know it’s too much 😉 ) .


As they say five fingers are not the same well so are the ways to dress them up .Those with long thin fingers are lucky as any type of rings suits them and for some of us with the not so long ones we tend to wear tiny thin ones.(psst…secret to make your fingers look long and thin : grow nails and shape them oval ,dark nail polishes also do the trick as they make hands appear slimmer )

For me personally there are no rules in terms of size and it is all my choice based on occasion .My daily wear includes two gem -stoned rings worn for astrological and other reasons ( talk about superstitions)and can never be removed.If I’m dressed up in jeans and tshirt then I tend to wear lots of silver ones/studded /spiked  for a bit of edgy look and avoid necklaces/chains. For dresses, if it is a day event I try wearing simple elegant ones usually a tiny diamond one or couple of other stoned slim ones.It is the party time that’s my favorite because  I love adorning my hands with huge cocktail rings.A simple statement ring can go a long way to make your dress pop up and get you look stunning or fab.

Trends say glittery stone rings or neon rings are in  .How about big chunky ones in single stones as in picture or the glittery shimmery ones in gold or silver .I recently got one  as gift : a cute gold/silver one with bells that I have worn with almost everything from kurtis to jeans to dresses to lehengas.

Though there are no hard and fast rules and fashion is all about individual style just avoid cluttering your fingers with too many cocktail rings.One big ring and few or no bangles is all about elegance. Remember minimalistic is the key. Bright non matching nail polish with too many cocktail rings and bangles will only mess up the look .

To store your metal /stone rings put them in small  cloth bags and ensure that  do not get too much of air or they will get oxidized. P.S  even if a Stone happens to fall lucky you would find in the bag and fix it !!!

I recently purchased this multipurpose hand shaped item online from  for storing up my rings. It is this metal thing with two hands and separated fingers that makes it is easy to just pileup rings and also to have a basic idea as to how they would look .( not that anyone would have hands look those but still ).

So girls ,its time to glam up your style and make a statement with sexy rings.Check out flea markets,online stores and high streets and complete your look book for the day .My suggestion would be to shop during season sales like ones happening now as you might end up getting a good bargain of two or three rings for price of one.

Have fun and stay glam..Ciao until my next post and if you haven’t signed up for updates do so asap 😉

What a woman wants????

Hey girlies…
      Happy weekend !!!!
Isn’t it beautiful when your morning is not woken by the ugly alarm sound ,there is no mad rush to  office and the hustle bustle of life everyday.

You can smile and roll in the bed , stay in and sleep as long as you want.Life is suddenly so beautiful !!!

With this beautiful  thought would love to hear if there is anything in particular with respect to fashion ,style and beauty you  want me to blog about.

While there are background posts getting ready for a mega burst still if there is anything special,would love to do it !!!
Keep me posted ladies ,I’m all ears !!!

Beauty Hi -fives !!!

Hope all are having a happy mid week.With all done over the festive parties and  harsh  makeup it’s time to  breathe slow.To  relax and let it go but that should not stop us from following our daily  bit of beauty  regime.

We  dont  have  to be madeup all time but hey  looking good all time is a woman’s birth right;-).

I have my five daily essentials that i can survive with even  if there was  a world  over shutdown of beauty counters…though I pray that never happens.

Here are my beauty daily fives that i cannot live without :-

Almond oil : makeup remover cum moistuizer cum hair oil

Mac eye khol ,smoulder : sexy or smokey eyes it just cannot be achieved without this one.

Olay natural white day cream : lavish face treat with sunscreen and right
moisturizing without feeling sticky..

L’oreal hydrafresh gel face wash : keeps me fresh without that dry stretchy skin

My lil tub of vaseline : for all that chapped lips , bits n bruises snd glowing cheeks 🙂

Here’s my secret five ,what’s yours ????

Have you had your beauty sleep ???

Sleep : The secret to looking good …..

sleep doll

Forget creams/makeup /expensive facials and hairstyle.The simple cheapest way to look  awesome –  get your 8 beauty sleep every day . Actresses and beauty queens swear by it and we all know it is true.

Though many shun the idea of beauty sleep  , Surveys   and studies have proven that people with healthy sleeping habits look much better than those who don’t .A good sleep obviously removes those ugly dark circles ,your crinkled  half asleep zombie expression  and those unexpected acnes that occur because  you have been missing those zzzz’s.

I personally  agree  too  on the looking fresh and good part all thanks to my past experience. I remember once  getting a very expensive facial done before my cousin’s wedding hoping to catch all the good looking guy’s fancy as I belonged to the girl’s side and we have a major part to play in Punjabi weddings.Despite all the makeup and caked, I managed to look half as alive thanks to all the previous nights of dancing and partying and missing my sleep .My other cousins on the hand  who managed to tuck into bed early and have their sleep, looked fresh as daisy everyday .Regrets remain only while I look back at pictures though the fun part is a different story ..

It has been said that  irregular and lack of sleep also increase hunger pangs and people tend to eat more .While less sleep obviously makes you irritated ,cranky and reduces your concentration with mood swings ,On the looks part  some also tend to get zits and acnes ( as mentioned earlier )due to excess sebaceous secretions as body tends to miss rest.

A good sleep is as essential as a good healthy eating habit .In our present lifestyle 8 hour sleep maybe an out of question thing but why not try to make up for it .I usually catch up on my sleep anywhere anytime .While travelling ,if I know it is going to be a long one and I am aware that my baggage is safe I have a quick nap .

Let there be no rules  of only my bed my pillow and my room thing .Remember anything to look good !!!Catch up on your sleep when you get a chance ,don’t wait for all those “MY” things.  Ensure you do read ,have a cup of warm milk or anything that makes you fall asleep ,even get a copy of your school /college texts if it helps 😉 . Why not push those things… those  good things that might not be possible in real life to dream life like front row  @  Chanel show in Paris , john Abraham  , Mind you ..hez in my dreams every night 😉 lol..

Sleep and eat right and try to squeeze in a bit of exercise …you’ll  love yourself when all those compliments will flow ….

Let this be a New Year resolution that’s not meant to be broken !!!!