Apple Picking in Toronto

Hello All ,

 Its fall and its beautiful.Recently Canada celebrated  Thanksgiving and it was a long festive weekend.The weather was good and sunny.I live with family friends in Canada and we decided to go to  a farm for apple picking experience.

We went to Orchalaw farms in Brampton  area and it was a wonderful experience.This is how it works in the farm,a  group is of five persons and you have to buy one bag of 26 CAD. You can buy more bags if you need but one bag per group is compulsory.When you enter the farm ,they have a booth with all the different varieties of apples they grow.Once you taste them all you can decide which varieties of apples  you like and pick those.They have  different rows and sections in the farm and all of them are numbered based on the type of apple.You can get into a wagon or walk until the section and pick  the apples.

We had picked up two bags of apples and we still have not finished them yet  ,been two weeks now ;-).  We had a very  good time and thoroughly enjoyed picking  and understanding  the farming process.Must try if you have never been to a farm or even if you have.It is always good to appreciate nature and remember if not for all the farms and agriculture we will have no food .

Let me know how  the fall weather is treating you .Any comments or suggestions for the posts would be appreciated too.Take care lovely people and enjoy your spiced pumpkin Latte 🙂




Where am I today ???


                                    BEAMING LONDON IN FULL GLORY !!!

Back after long 20 day vacation in London,UK  I am back .Refreshed,energized and happy meeting my sister after 3 years .It has been a wonderful trip with memorable moments.My little baby sister lives in The UK with her hubby and it is overwhelming to see her handle a household like a bawse ( credits : superwomen ) for the word ;-).

Decided to give a last try to blogging .I have so many experiences to share ,travel stories and life stories but unlike the many professional bloggers that have an awesome camera to capture moments my stories are captured through my own perspective of life ,my stories and memorable moments ,my incidents that I believe has happened to you too.

Unable to resist the urge to write ,I  logged into my Word Press after ages.been so long that I forgot my password ;-). Well not a good start but lest  got my account back ,hurray !!!

For now all I will say is I am in Canada .Will share a lot more details in upcoming blogs but for now ,have a great day ,keep smiling and hey  ITS FALL TIME !!!

Oii Oii Oii …OIL it up ;-)

There exists no girl in the world who does not want  a  healthy  glowy skin .Expensive creams ,magazineS recommended ,celebrity endorsed every damn cream is tried and tested to get that  sexy smooth beautiful skin that would shine so bright that the sun would shy ;-). Sadly  In this skin  quest to achieve perfection we end up at times with dry blotchy irritated skin and  more skin problems than before.



Oils have been used in India from ages as moisturizers ,pain relievers ,massages and for skin treatments. Kids are given oil baths everyday so that they have good skin  when they  grow up.We may have used oil on our body or hair but always worry on using it for our skin .Try using and you will never regret.

There are so many different Oils :Coconut,jojoba,Olive,Almond,Castor ,tea tree etc and much talked about Argan oil   .Each oil has its own benefits when used . Lets review some of the most common benefits of these oils 🙂

Oils are now becoming a rage in western world but they are being  used in India from  long long ago . Oils like Coconut oil ,Castor  oil  are a  little heavy  for summer usage though very beneficial for skin especially during winter. Heated oil massage few hours before shower will end up in shiny super moisturized soft supple skin.You may not need a cream at all after the shower. They hydrate your skin and fight  aging.Castor oil is rumored to help in growth of lashes and eyebrows.Best to apply at night and avoid getting in contact with eyes as they can blur your vision for few minutes.It is also said to have anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory proprieties and helps in reducing stretch marks. Almond oil helps in reducing under eye dark circles and is an excellent eye makeup remover.Tea tree oil helps in reducing acne and acne scars.Jojoba oil is an excellent source of vitamin E and fights aging .It doesn’t clog your pores like Olive oil which is another amazing light natural moisturizer for your skin during summer.It can be used along with other natural ingredients for face masks and also during facials .Use it along with sea salt for exfoliation and see your skin renewed and bright .

Coconut Oil :One of the best for your skin

Coconut Oil :One of the best for your skin

There are countless advantages of Oils and the list can go on .They are best for skin ,help in improving skin tolerance ,plump your skin ,reduce pigmentation ,excellent for makeup base and there is no reason why you must not use oil for your skin .Infact they help in better absorption of creams therefore  if you can’t give up your favorite cream use a little oil before you apply the cream .

My advice is to find the oil best for your skin type .Try and test the oil  for 15 days lest and you should know how it works for your skin.Sometimes people tend to break out in the beginning when they start using and later skin gets fine .If acne continues to happen discontinue and change to light oil .Clean your skin well  before you apply oil .Sometimes during day oil can make your skin look shiny .It is best to apply immediately after shower when skin is still wet which will help in better absorption of oil .If skin is too oily wash your face with little water and pat dry. I usually take pea size oil in my hand and massage it over my face.If you have an oily skin use cotton balls to apply .It will help in applying right amount of oil .Follow the cleanse ,tone ,moisturize routine and  you will definitely see results in few days.Oils are cheap  compared to creams. They can be used for hair  and are edible therefore saving  a lot of your beauty spending.

Almond Oil :works best for under eye dark circles and excellent  makeup remover

Almond Oil :works best for under eye dark circles and excellent makeup remover

Today there are many  Oils available in market specially made  for your skin like from Bodyshop ,L’Occtaine ETC.You can buy from there if you like .I usually buy from normal groceries store ,pure natural oil and they do the trick.If you live abroad you may find  them at Asian groceries store in your city or town .

As much as busy lives we lead ,spending a little time for your personal care is a must.No point earning million  bucks or spending time for less important things  to later look back with regret in life wishing we could have given  a little time for ourself .Skin care isn’t indulgence but a must .Earlier it used to be that aging started in late thirties, but with  the stressful  lifestyle we lead now , wrinkles start appearing as early at the of  twenty five .Take care of yourself ,sleep well,eat healthy ,keep yourself hydrated  ,workout and spend more time with family and friends than on social media and life would be wonderful .Also follow a daily beauty regimen and you will thank yourself later for all the love and compliments you receive.

Do let me your feedback and change in your skin with oils ,until then happy working and remember   ” What you allow is what will continue ” so cut yourself some slack and stop procrastinating .Start now for yourself ,for only if you are good will you be able to make others around you good 🙂

Have fun ,Love yourself ,CIAO


Her highness has  just turned another year older 😉

The world, including my parents would now expect me to grow older ,wiser overnight and my mom will now add that extra year while nagging me ,” you are X years older and still you do this “.Ah mom ..don’t expect me to change into a super girl in a day .If it did not change in 364 days of that year it certainly would not  in that last one day . But aside all this I had a good birthday ,wishes from people all over the world ,friends and family ,blessings of my elders and cute little messages from my loved ones.A family dinner and two birthday  cakes to cut ( no cake on birthday ??? its not a birthday then ) the day ended on a good note.The entire staff of the hotel’s  restaurant where we were having dinner celebrated my birthday thanks to the  little sad face I had made up on being refused to cut cake brought from outside the hotel .

@Hotel Le Meridian

@Hotel Le Meridian


Well all is well that ends well and the birthday was fun .We also watched “khoobsoorat” ,definitely not a remake of the older bollywood movie .Nice movie with few laughable bits ,dashing Fawad khan and quiry Sonam .The movie could be watched once especially if you need to get over the “Finding Fanny” bit that has been  all over the week,

Coming soon would be lots of new posts in different sections , and changes.Feedback and suggestions are welcome with open arms and kisses so do write in ….


Love muah !!!


Lookbook !!!


Retro Inspired

Though late but as promised look book starts soon .

Mustard yellow denim  Skirt   :   Marks and Spencers ,

Black boat neck top  : Sisley ,

Scarf   :  Veramoda/Only,      Boots  :  Barratts   UK ,

Tights  : Marks and Spencers , Shades : Promod

All perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring/Summer Look ,the cherry yellow,the neon scarf and  the black to tone the brights ,after affects of a winter . The peachy shades to add a wee bit of Retro glam effect 🙂

Howz it goin all ,post your looks and get it featured here too …

Enjoy the sun while it lasts and stay Glam …











What have you got in that Handbag ???

“She has the loaded handbag of  someone who camps out and seldom goes home or who imagines life is  full of emergencies ” :- quoted the Canadian write Mavis Gallant.

Men often wonder why they never require one and women wonder what would  happen if they  leave home  without one .The secret  behind all those sexy arm  muscles a women flaunt and on which an entire city can survive if an emergency befalls, the handbag is more to just a hold all for emergencies .

Not just a  fashion accessory to me ,I can’t help but fall in love with mine ,it lets me sleep on during my random power naps ,shields me from ugly bus strangers and protects me from rain, shine or whatever.

While some like to pick up small ones I for once cant think about leaving without least a medium sized one. Back of my head often wonders how do some girls do it ,carrying tiny clutches during day or just cellphones. What do they do when they need a hairbrush or where do they carry their keys …hmmm

Anyways every one carries their little world in handbag and here is a sneak peak into mine 😉

Here is what my handbag has :

my mini makeup store

my mini makeup store

My cosmetic pouch : that has my Mac eye pencil, my khol from Rimmel and Shieshdo brown pencil, my multitasking lipstick from Avon  ,Mary Kay lipgloss,    Body shop lip balms, Nars Orgasm shimmer blush check stick, my famed Vaseline tub  and my cutie round mirror.

All in my bag  :)

All in my bag 🙂

Apart from my lil pouch I have my wallet ,standard black stole that serves as emergency wrap  or for the sudden wardrobe malfunctions ,my hand sanitizer,my deodorant  ,little flower notebook and my cutie silver pen and my new must have : the handbag holder.A blue stoned handbag holder which has a little hook that  can clasp itself on any  table and hold a handbag upto 12 kilos .For 250 INR from  it is a blessing especially in busy restaurants and places where  you are worried of your handbag getting lifted if it is not  in front of you  .

My lunch box/snack box ,cereals bars ,water bottle and an umbrella make their way too apart from mobile phone and my big bunch of keys.I switch between two handbags on most of office days depending on my dress for the day .If  I’m wearing plain one then I carry my printed bag to offset the monotone  color  and for busy prints I have my light green toned bag that just goes along with most of them  .

For mono toned and plain shades

For mono toned and plain shades

For busy prints ,one of my light toned bags

For busy prints ,one of my light toned bags

So girls how about you ???Are you the ones who carry big handbags  like me or they are a just a pain to carry, no matter if they help you tone your arm muscles 😉 let me know through the  poll and Stay glam until the next post 🙂