Apple Picking in Toronto

Hello All ,

 Its fall and its beautiful.Recently Canada celebrated  Thanksgiving and it was a long festive weekend.The weather was good and sunny.I live with family friends in Canada and we decided to go to  a farm for apple picking experience.

We went to Orchalaw farms in Brampton  area and it was a wonderful experience.This is how it works in the farm,a  group is of five persons and you have to buy one bag of 26 CAD. You can buy more bags if you need but one bag per group is compulsory.When you enter the farm ,they have a booth with all the different varieties of apples they grow.Once you taste them all you can decide which varieties of apples  you like and pick those.They have  different rows and sections in the farm and all of them are numbered based on the type of apple.You can get into a wagon or walk until the section and pick  the apples.

We had picked up two bags of apples and we still have not finished them yet  ,been two weeks now ;-).  We had a very  good time and thoroughly enjoyed picking  and understanding  the farming process.Must try if you have never been to a farm or even if you have.It is always good to appreciate nature and remember if not for all the farms and agriculture we will have no food .

Let me know how  the fall weather is treating you .Any comments or suggestions for the posts would be appreciated too.Take care lovely people and enjoy your spiced pumpkin Latte 🙂





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