Where am I today ???


                                    BEAMING LONDON IN FULL GLORY !!!

Back after long 20 day vacation in London,UK  I am back .Refreshed,energized and happy meeting my sister after 3 years .It has been a wonderful trip with memorable moments.My little baby sister lives in The UK with her hubby and it is overwhelming to see her handle a household like a bawse ( credits : superwomen ) for the word ;-).

Decided to give a last try to blogging .I have so many experiences to share ,travel stories and life stories but unlike the many professional bloggers that have an awesome camera to capture moments my stories are captured through my eyes.my own perspective of life ,my stories and memorable moments ,my incidents that I believe has happened to you too.

Unable to resist the urge to write ,I  logged into my Word Press after ages.been so long that I forgot my password ;-). Well not a good start but lest  got my account back ,hurray !!!

For now all I will say is I am in Canada .Will share a lot more details in upcoming blogs but for now ,have a great day ,keep smiling and hey  ITS FALL TIME !!!


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