Oii Oii Oii …OIL it up ;-)

There exists no girl in the world who does not want  a  healthy  glowy skin .Expensive creams ,magazineS recommended ,celebrity endorsed every damn cream is tried and tested to get that  sexy smooth beautiful skin that would shine so bright that the sun would shy ;-). Sadly  In this skin  quest to achieve perfection we end up at times with dry blotchy irritated skin and  more skin problems than before.



Oils have been used in India from ages as moisturizers ,pain relievers ,massages and for skin treatments. Kids are given oil baths everyday so that they have good skin  when they  grow up.We may have used oil on our body or hair but always worry on using it for our skin .Try using and you will never regret.

There are so many different Oils :Coconut,jojoba,Olive,Almond,Castor ,tea tree etc and much talked about Argan oil   .Each oil has its own benefits when used . Lets review some of the most common benefits of these oils 🙂

Oils are now becoming a rage in western world but they are being  used in India from  long long ago . Oils like Coconut oil ,Castor  oil  are a  little heavy  for summer usage though very beneficial for skin especially during winter. Heated oil massage few hours before shower will end up in shiny super moisturized soft supple skin.You may not need a cream at all after the shower. They hydrate your skin and fight  aging.Castor oil is rumored to help in growth of lashes and eyebrows.Best to apply at night and avoid getting in contact with eyes as they can blur your vision for few minutes.It is also said to have anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory proprieties and helps in reducing stretch marks. Almond oil helps in reducing under eye dark circles and is an excellent eye makeup remover.Tea tree oil helps in reducing acne and acne scars.Jojoba oil is an excellent source of vitamin E and fights aging .It doesn’t clog your pores like Olive oil which is another amazing light natural moisturizer for your skin during summer.It can be used along with other natural ingredients for face masks and also during facials .Use it along with sea salt for exfoliation and see your skin renewed and bright .

Coconut Oil :One of the best for your skin

Coconut Oil :One of the best for your skin

There are countless advantages of Oils and the list can go on .They are best for skin ,help in improving skin tolerance ,plump your skin ,reduce pigmentation ,excellent for makeup base and there is no reason why you must not use oil for your skin .Infact they help in better absorption of creams therefore  if you can’t give up your favorite cream use a little oil before you apply the cream .

My advice is to find the oil best for your skin type .Try and test the oil  for 15 days lest and you should know how it works for your skin.Sometimes people tend to break out in the beginning when they start using and later skin gets fine .If acne continues to happen discontinue and change to light oil .Clean your skin well  before you apply oil .Sometimes during day oil can make your skin look shiny .It is best to apply immediately after shower when skin is still wet which will help in better absorption of oil .If skin is too oily wash your face with little water and pat dry. I usually take pea size oil in my hand and massage it over my face.If you have an oily skin use cotton balls to apply .It will help in applying right amount of oil .Follow the cleanse ,tone ,moisturize routine and  you will definitely see results in few days.Oils are cheap  compared to creams. They can be used for hair  and are edible therefore saving  a lot of your beauty spending.

Almond Oil :works best for under eye dark circles and excellent  makeup remover

Almond Oil :works best for under eye dark circles and excellent makeup remover

Today there are many  Oils available in market specially made  for your skin like from Bodyshop ,L’Occtaine ETC.You can buy from there if you like .I usually buy from normal groceries store ,pure natural oil and they do the trick.If you live abroad you may find  them at Asian groceries store in your city or town .

As much as busy lives we lead ,spending a little time for your personal care is a must.No point earning million  bucks or spending time for less important things  to later look back with regret in life wishing we could have given  a little time for ourself .Skin care isn’t indulgence but a must .Earlier it used to be that aging started in late thirties, but with  the stressful  lifestyle we lead now , wrinkles start appearing as early at the of  twenty five .Take care of yourself ,sleep well,eat healthy ,keep yourself hydrated  ,workout and spend more time with family and friends than on social media and life would be wonderful .Also follow a daily beauty regimen and you will thank yourself later for all the love and compliments you receive.

Do let me your feedback and change in your skin with oils ,until then happy working and remember   ” What you allow is what will continue ” so cut yourself some slack and stop procrastinating .Start now for yourself ,for only if you are good will you be able to make others around you good 🙂

Have fun ,Love yourself ,CIAO


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