Her highness has  just turned another year older 😉

The world, including my parents would now expect me to grow older ,wiser overnight and my mom will now add that extra year while nagging me ,” you are X years older and still you do this “.Ah mom ..don’t expect me to change into a super girl in a day .If it did not change in 364 days of that year it certainly would not  in that last one day . But aside all this I had a good birthday ,wishes from people all over the world ,friends and family ,blessings of my elders and cute little messages from my loved ones.A family dinner and two birthday  cakes to cut ( no cake on birthday ??? its not a birthday then ) the day ended on a good note.The entire staff of the hotel’s  restaurant where we were having dinner celebrated my birthday thanks to the  little sad face I had made up on being refused to cut cake brought from outside the hotel .

@Hotel Le Meridian

@Hotel Le Meridian


Well all is well that ends well and the birthday was fun .We also watched “khoobsoorat” ,definitely not a remake of the older bollywood movie .Nice movie with few laughable bits ,dashing Fawad khan and quiry Sonam .The movie could be watched once especially if you need to get over the “Finding Fanny” bit that has been  all over the week,

Coming soon would be lots of new posts in different sections , and changes.Feedback and suggestions are welcome with open arms and kisses so do write in ….


Love muah !!!



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