What have you got in that Handbag ???

“She has the loaded handbag of  someone who camps out and seldom goes home or who imagines life is  full of emergencies ” :- quoted the Canadian write Mavis Gallant.

Men often wonder why they never require one and women wonder what would  happen if they  leave home  without one .The secret  behind all those sexy arm  muscles a women flaunt and on which an entire city can survive if an emergency befalls, the handbag is more to just a hold all for emergencies .

Not just a  fashion accessory to me ,I can’t help but fall in love with mine ,it lets me sleep on during my random power naps ,shields me from ugly bus strangers and protects me from rain, shine or whatever.

While some like to pick up small ones I for once cant think about leaving without least a medium sized one. Back of my head often wonders how do some girls do it ,carrying tiny clutches during day or just cellphones. What do they do when they need a hairbrush or where do they carry their keys …hmmm

Anyways every one carries their little world in handbag and here is a sneak peak into mine 😉

Here is what my handbag has :

my mini makeup store

my mini makeup store

My cosmetic pouch : that has my Mac eye pencil, my khol from Rimmel and Shieshdo brown pencil, my multitasking lipstick from Avon  ,Mary Kay lipgloss,    Body shop lip balms, Nars Orgasm shimmer blush check stick, my famed Vaseline tub  and my cutie round mirror.

All in my bag  :)

All in my bag 🙂

Apart from my lil pouch I have my wallet ,standard black stole that serves as emergency wrap  or for the sudden wardrobe malfunctions ,my hand sanitizer,my deodorant  ,little flower notebook and my cutie silver pen and my new must have : the handbag holder.A blue stoned handbag holder which has a little hook that  can clasp itself on any  table and hold a handbag upto 12 kilos .For 250 INR from http://www.gogifts.com  it is a blessing especially in busy restaurants and places where  you are worried of your handbag getting lifted if it is not  in front of you  .

My lunch box/snack box ,cereals bars ,water bottle and an umbrella make their way too apart from mobile phone and my big bunch of keys.I switch between two handbags on most of office days depending on my dress for the day .If  I’m wearing plain one then I carry my printed bag to offset the monotone  color  and for busy prints I have my light green toned bag that just goes along with most of them  .

For mono toned and plain shades

For mono toned and plain shades

For busy prints ,one of my light toned bags

For busy prints ,one of my light toned bags

So girls how about you ???Are you the ones who carry big handbags  like me or they are a just a pain to carry, no matter if they help you tone your arm muscles 😉 let me know through the  poll and Stay glam until the next post 🙂



  1. Shilpa · March 7, 2013

    What about ones which your hubby can flaunt ;). Lol

  2. theglammartini · April 26, 2013

    well then we have a problem my friend 🙂

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